• Removed “dontrun” and tests relating to global environment (which ironically were testing whether the package touched the global environment by touching the global environment)
  • Loosen tests that were giving errors on some linux systems (locale-dependent newline issues)
  • Added lifecycle dependency after CRAN test failures (checking dependencies in R code … WARNING ‘::’ or ‘:::’ import not declared from: ‘lifecycle’)
  • Fix double-sided formula issue with purrr deprecating calls
  • Add support for .list argument to pass arbitrary lists of parameters to define()

Fixes test failures in CRAN version simpr 0.2.2 after 2022-12-20 release of dependency purrr 1.0.0, and update to tidyselect 1.2.0.

Update pivot_wider.simpr_sims() and pivot_wider.simpr_spec() to match new arguments in pivot_wider() generic in tidyr 1.2.0. (Issue #69; PR #68, @DavisVaughan)

Added return values to documentation for apply_fits(), simpr_spec(), and all dplyr & tidyr methods.

Initial CRAN submission.